Whether you are just getting started or already own a lot on which to build your home, Corner Lot can help you navigate the custom home building process. Our real estate professionals are experts who can answer all of your questions and make certain you make the best home building decision for you and your family. In addition, you will benefit from the valuable relationships we’ve established with Jacksonville home builders throughout the real estate community. There are important factors for you to consider before building on your lot. As your personal consultant, we will be working closely with you from start to finish during the new construction to help you maximize value. Since every lot has unique characteristics, we can meet you on-site to discuss how your home will be positioned.

Simply bring your pictures, sketches or plans with you and we can determine how the lot will need to be cleared. If you haven’t selected a house plan, we can make an appointment to discuss your design ideas. At Corner Lot, we bring a level of experience and expertise that’s hard to match. Don’t get caught picking a new home builder for the wrong reasons. When you work with our real estate professionals, you will know what is included in the price of your new home and will have a solid understanding of the timelines for completing each phase of the construction. Let us provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vision will result in a home that you are proud to own. Use our website’s convenient email form or call us direct at 904.701.3435